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humans life


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Futur is responsibility, understand and the safety to respect to life as a human, the human life and our human rights.

Zukunft ist eine Verantwortung, Verstehen und Sicherung ein menschliches Leben zu begreifen, zu respektieren und
unsere human rights.

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08December  2018                           

Gegen Kinderarbeit 
07. November  2015                           
Live Concert
Gemeinsam für  Kinder
(Together for children)
Xavier Naidoo präsentiert am 07.November 2015, 19:30 Uhr in der SAP Arena Mannheim mit den Söhnen Mannheims und Gästen ein Special concert, Erlöse aus diesem Ereignis kommen Kindern der Organisation "Aufwind" zu Gute.
Xavier Naidoo presents to 07.November 2015, 19:30 PM at the SAP arena Mannheim, germany a special live concert with the sons of Mannheim and guests. Revenues from the concert are for the children organization "Up winds". 
13.July  2013  Report                                             
Natural Disaster
 The rain came’s from the sky, day for night, the rivers was over the lines. Part of landscapes stood under water, humans loosed houses, safeties , existences.
Spontaneous we organized some concert activities for some aid and hold moments for the humans so in Straubing and other places in Germany. "The head from the sand, upright for hold you …"
Den Kopf aus dem Sand und aufrechte Haltung, nothing phrases (keine Phrasen). Some verses from the  Album By my soul from Xavier Naidoo.
Some Humans can find a new power past that natural disaster. The damages are over milliards, nowbody can for that, but we have. A burden past that time to manage, the humans.
We sad without of the arrogance who is the greatest might in our life.
Gegen Kinderarbeit  Aid for children in needs,
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